Fibre Glass

Whether it’s a rudder for a dingy or a full structural keel grid for a yacht we have the expertise to get the job done quickly and neatly. We have experience in everything from e-glass wet lay ups to exotic carbon/Kevlar vacuum bag procedures.

During 2011, we rebuilt the hull skin of a 38ft cursing sloop that had suffered significant de-lamination. We stripped over 18mm of hull laminate in 2m sections and re-laminated the hull piece by piece. The hull was then faired and primers and anti-foul applied.

We have also constructed new keel frames for yachts from 24’ to 45’. This involves the removal of old, de-laminated or structurally insufficient floor members and replacing them with hardwood floors and structural laminate.

Another area of structural laminating we have been involved in is the construction of engine beds for re-powers of both cruisers and sailing vessels. Our shipwrights set out the bed heights build the timber bed cores and then laminate them in place.


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