Insurance Work

Coastal Shipwright Service is a preferred repairer for Club Marine- Nautlius and QBE, having undertaken many structural repairs for these companies. This includes the topside rebuild of a Northshore 34 after the boat had nearly been cut in half while racing. The repair involved rebuilding internal teak linings and furniture. We also had to rebuild a significant area of the topsides and deck including areas for non-skid.

We have also undertaken structural repairs to keel members of yachts after groundings such as the rebuild of the keel case on a 44ft racing yacht after in grounded heavily in Port Stevens. On this particular job we had to remove the keel and repair the case from both inside and outside the hull. The end product being more structurally sound than when first built.

We also conduct condition reports for insurance purposes and have two qualified surveyors on site who have a wealth of knowledge gained from years of practical working in the fields of marine construction and repair.


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